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Caring for Your Furry Friends

Some People Will Never Understand How Much WE Love Dogs….But The Dogs Know!

Whether your pup is here for, puppy play day, boarding or Puppy Boot Camp know that we will treat your pup like a member of our family.  It is important to us for you to feel your dog is well loved and happy when they visit our kennel. 

Our Story

Growing up in Switzerland in a family full of furry friends, Michelle Birch was destined

to move to Alberta, where life would offer her the perfect mix of fresh air and lots of

room for more animals.


Michelle's first love is dogs, specifically puppies, which is why she has operated a

grooming, boarding, and training facility just North of Blackie, Alberta for over

10 years. With acres and acres of room to run it was the perfect spot to open her

family-run puppy playground. Offering her clients pups an amazing experience as

they learn to socialize with other dogs and burn off excess energy through pack walks

in the fields and a huge area for play throughout the day. After a full day of play or

training, pups are put to bed in their own individual kennels to sleep and rest up for

another full day of fun!

As her business evolved Michelle has realigned her services to provide clients with her impressive puppy boot camps and webinar dog training videos. Her infectious personality and knowledgeable skill set have proven to be a refreshing combination as she has pups attending her boot camps from all over the country.


Due to her training schedule, she has discontinued her grooming services but provides clients with her much sought after play-dates and long-term boarding options.

What We Do

Having a safe and happy place in the country is so important for your pup's mental well being. Running and playing with friends is not only a great way to burn off excess energy but it may also help your older dog find his energetic puppy side again.


PLAY-DATES AND LONG TERM BOARDING both offer lots of pack walks in the fields and exercise. When the weather is not appropriate to play outside there is room to run and play within the kennel and once they are tired your dog can rest inside his kennel.


Pick up and drop off is available within the High River and Okotoks areas. Once your beloved pup has attended a few play-dates you will notice a change in his natural energy and wiliness to play.

PUPPY BOOT CAMP is a fantastic way to start your pup's new journey as they move into your family.   We offer a basic training package that includes board, crate training, house training (with a doggy door or bell) and lots of socialization with both dogs and humans!

Additional puppy training may include, leash walking, grooming, traveling, basic obedience.