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Junior Academy

About Our Junior Academy

Program 1 - Socialization - $70/Day

Program 2 - Basic Obedience - $70/Day

Or Combine both programs for $95/Day

JUNIOR ACADEMY is exclusively for pups six to twelve months old.   To ensure your pup is given the perfect setting to learn their amazing new manners and social skills they will need to thrive in your family.   

How does it work?
Your new puppy comes to live on our farm at Living Prairie Kennels,  for a minimum of 14 days.   While enjoying their time here they will get lots of exercise, fun time between training sessions and exposure to all kinds of new crazy friends like cows, chickens, pigs!!!

What does it include?

Social Pack

  • Boarding

  • Socialization with other suitable and safe dogs

  • Daily pack walk

  • Training NO jumping up

  • Leash training

Basic Obedience Pack

  • Boarding

  • Daily pack walk

  • Basic obedience (sit, down, stay)

  • Basic manners (sit to put on and take off leash, sit before eating, site before going through doors or gates)

What will they learn?

Academy training includes:  social skills, basic obedience, manners, leash training and no jumping up.   Pups will also learn the importance of socialization as they experience their pack walk with other suitable and safe dogs.

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT DESIGNED FOR AGGRESSIVE DOGS OR DOGS WITH BEHAVIOR ISSUES.   To ensure the safety of the other guests and the handler NO AGGRESSIVE pups will be admitted into the Junior Academy!

Owner must provide:

  • Copy of up to date immunization record

  • Dog food and treats for duration of stay

  • Necessary medication

  • Collar or harness - Optional

  • Dog bed and/or preferred toys

Living Prairie Kennels will provide:

  • Clean blankets in kennel

  • Food bowls

  • Water Buckets

  • Leashes/harness