Junior Academy

Is your new pup needing better social skills?


The JUNIOR ACADEMY at LIVING PRAIRIE KENNELS is designed specifically

for pups between 6-12 months.   To ensure your pup is given the perfect

setting to learn their amazing new manners such as:   social skills, basic

obedience and manners and leash training, they will be required to stay

here at Living Prairie Kennels for a minimum of two weeks for lasting results.


While your pup is enjoying their stay here on the farm, they will get lots of

exercise, fun time between training sessions and exposure to all kinds of

exciting new things.  Michelle will also provide you with daily reports on the

progress of your pups training and perhaps some surprise photos of them

meeting a cow, chicken or pig!!!


On pickup day not only will you see what your Super Star has learned but Michelle will personally

spend time with you and teach you all the amazing new skills your pup has learned and how to

continue to support your pups training progress.   Also included in the Junior Academy will be

written instructions of the training techniques Michelle has used when training your pup.  This

will be a handy reference to keep both you and your pup on track as they mature into brilliant

companions.   Once you have your pup back at home Michelle will also be available for

complimentary follow-up calls if the need arises.

Social Pack

  • Boarding

  • Socialization with other suitable and safe dogs

  • Daily pack walk

  • Training NO jumping up

  • Leash training

Basic Obedience Pack

  • Boarding

  • Daily pack walk

  • Basic obedience (sit, down, stay)

  • Basic manners (sit to put on and take off leash, sit before eating, site before going through doors or gates)



Walking Politely......

Sitting Politely........



Come....Sit....Lay Down....Stay



Learning to Wait On Food


Pack Walk On And Off The Leash