Be aware of scams!!

April 5, 2021

From our Friends at Jungle Out There Pet Services

Please watch out for online puppy scams! One of my clients was scammed out of a puppy this weekend. Not only is she not getting a puppy as promised (the pup likely doesn’t even exist), she is out $1000. So devastating and so frustrating. She told me about her new puppy last week, showed me the messages and website, and I didn’t see anything at first glance that looked suspicious and neither did she unfortunately until it was too late.

I knew these sorts of scams existed, but had no idea just how common they were until looking into it a little deeper. They are becoming even more common now in this pandemic world as so many people are looking to add a new pup to their home. There is a lot of information online you can read about finding a reputable breeder, but some key points when searching for a pup include: - Beware of discounted prices for a pup that sound too good to be true - Ask for multiple pictures of the pup in different poses - Ask for a phone number so you can call and actually talk to the breeder. Ask lots of questions on the phone - Be weary of sending money to another country - Ask for their breeder information and look them up with the appropriate registry. A breed registry is a great way to start if you’re looking for a pup of a particular breed - Be weary of sending a money order or using Western Union

- Red flags should go up if they are trying to sell the pup quickly. A legitimate breeder will want to check you out too, and will not be in a panic to sell their pup ASAP - And the best way to ensure the pup actually exists is to always meet the breeder and the puppy in person first!

One of these signs alone doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t dealing with a legitimate breeder, but it should raise red flags. Please be careful, I would hate to see this happen to anyone else.

Unfortunately these people are very good at what they do, as they scam people all the time and there is often little the police can do to help you or catch these criminals.

I encourage you to do thorough research first of a breeder and remember there are lots of puppies in rescues too looking for their forever home so don’t be afraid to check out your local rescue as well!

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