We are in for some super weather next week, so I thought I would put together a list of ways to keep your dog cool during this heat!

How to help keep your dog cool:

- Provide lots of fresh cool water at all times - Fill a pool with water and put it in the shade for your dog to go in or turn on a sprinkler if they like to run in it (our 800 gallon pool is a favorite here!)

- Play games indoors for mental stimulation. Use frozen dog treats as rewards! - Take your dog out for walks during the cooler times of the day - morning and evenings. Avoid mid day when the sun is the hottest - Keep your dog well groomed. It may be necessary for your dog to be shaved in summer - but this is not true of all breeds, so please check with a qualified groomer first!

- Keep your dogs paws off hot surfaces - check if it feels hot to you first!

Any other ideas you would add to this list? Let’s hear ‘em!

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