Crash Course For New Puppy Owners!

May 5, 2021

Are you a soon to be new puppy parent? If so, mark your calendar for our Your New Puppy & You: A Crash Course coming up May 11 at 7 PM MST!

This webinar is designed exclusively for new puppy owners as I help you plan for those critical first few weeks your new puppy is home!

We will cover: - How to prepare and puppy proof your home - What supplies you’ll need for your new puppy - When to start training and what to start with - How to establish a routine from Day 1 - How to get everyone in the family involved in the puppy’s care - How to deal with common puppy issues such crate and house training - Time commitment And much more!

Please join us! $10 for the hour long Zoom session (45 minutes followed by 15 minute Q+A). Register here

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