Ekko Learns About Strollers

March 15, 2021

Sweet Ekko (the of the video I posted on Friday), graduated after 2 weeks in Puppy Boot Camp! He got the full meal deal while he was here working on crate and house training, basic obedience, traveling in a vehicle, and grooming. And since there is a new baby in the home, he learned to walk on leash calmly next to a stroller! (This was a great find from the Foothills Salvage and Recycling Society that I make a lot of use of for my Boot Camp pups... and yes my husband Chris gives me a funny look every time I have it out it’s been a lot of years since our kids have been in strollers!). Although Ekko was not super impressed having his picture taken in the stroller, he did great learning to walk beside it!

Congrats little man!

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