His Name Is Yeti!

April 21, 2021

I am so excited to announce that our new pup’s name is...YETI! Thank you so much to everyone for the awesome name suggestions. It was a hard decision as nothing felt quite right, but finally Chris decided on Yeti and we think it suits this little cutie very well! He is following us everywhere doing chores and is getting to know all of our critters. Scout is tolerating his new friend well (although I’m sure he is still wondering when he is going home.. )

If you are looking for a LGD for your farm or acreage, the breeder I got Yeti from still has many of his siblings available! She has 2 females and 7 males available to farm homes only as these dogs come from working lines. If you’d like to view pictures and get in touch with Marlene you can view the information here: They will be BIG pups (100 plus pounds) and will make excellent guardian dogs and companions for the family.

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