Introducing Our Junior Academy!

February 2, 2021

I am so excited to officially announce the NEW Living Prairie Kennels Junior Academy! What is Junior Academy you ask? Junior Academy is our brand spanking new program, designed for pups 6 months to a year old!

Your pup will come and live with us at our farm for a minimum 14 day commitment (to ensure lasting success) in either of our two programs: Social Pack: Designed to improve your pup’s social skills, your pup will spend the 14 days socializing with other suitable dogs in a safe and supervised environment. This will include daily group walks and off leash playtime, and your pup will also learn leash manners and to not jump up on people. $70/day and also includes the daily boarding fee valued at $30/day Basic Obedience Pack: Designed to improve your pup’s obedience skills, your pup will spend the 14 days receiving personalized help to fine tune their manners, giving you a polite pooch! This will include learning sit, down, stay, and manners such as sitting before eating and going through doors, and sitting politely to have the leash put on and taken off. It also includes lots of daily exercise as we all know a tired dog is a good dog! $70/day and also includes the daily boarding fee valued at $30/day. Both programs include lots of fun time between training sessions and exposure to many new sights, smells, and noises!

Do you want your dog to be well socialized AND have amazing obedience and manners (who doesn’t?!)? Enroll them in both packs for the mega discounted rate of $95/day!

Updates on training progress will be sent to you daily (including pictures!) and on the day you pick your pup up you will receive a session with Michelle so you can learn the amazing new skills your pup has acquired and personalized written notes for a reference to take home to ensure lasting success! Follow up support for life is included for free. (Please note these programs are NOT designed for dogs with aggression or other severe behavioral issues.)

For more details or to book your pup in our Junior Academy check out our website at or send me a DM!

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