Bonding With New Friends!

January 31, 2021

Dogs really are so special and yesterday I was reminded again of just how amazing they truly are.

Luna, the 8 month old Labradoodle from Prairie Doodles, was my special helper yesterday. I had a very shy and insecure pup named Nano staying here for a few days and really wanted him to make a new friend, let loose, and just have fun!

Luna is a very happy and playful girl. Upon seeing Nano, she bounded towards him. He panicked and hid while whimpering in the corner. Luna stopped, looked at him, and started to belly crawl towards him wagging her tail. I just stood quietly and watched. He stayed frozen in place, very scared and unsure. She stopped in front of him, until he started to walk away with her slowly following at a distance. Suddenly Nano turned, sniffed her, and went into a play bow. My heart just about burst! All his shyness disappeared and they started to play and continued all day long! It was so sweet to witness how Luna showed Nano to let loose and just be a dog.

Nano’s owner texted me last night saying how he was so tired once he got home and how happy she was to hear of his special day! I just love seeing these special bonds form

A special comment on FB from his Mom. "Aww this post thanks so much for helping Nano come out of his shell. You are the best, Michelle!! And thank you to Luna for being an amazing puppy! I'm beyond happy Nano got to make a new friend".

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