Leash Training

March 24, 2021

Puppy Tip! When puppies first arrive at Puppy Boot Camp, I always use a harness for the first few days while working on leash training. Puppies are usually all over the place as they first learn to walk on a leash, so using a harness can help prevent injury to their neck and throat. Note - this is NOT a free ticket to allow your puppy to pull! We still teach manners and after a few days move to a collar and leash.

I love the harness and leash set by Rockymountaindog! They are a local company, located in Calgary. The harness is so soft with both a back and chest hook to attach the leash to. The leash can also be used as a waist leash, and is soft on the hands.

A big part of our Puppy Boot Camp program is socializing the pups with lots of other animals. The waist leash lets me have my hands free to do farm chores so the pup can follow along! Genius!

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