Molly Has Manners!

April 30, 2021

I am so proud of our latest Junior Academy graduate, Miss Molly!

Molly came to me as her owners were struggling with some common “teenage” doggie issues such as leash walking, jumping up, and house training.

Bulldogs are super cute and are a very fun, independent breed who are known to be somewhat stubborn. Practice, consistency, and patience was so important for Molly’s training during her time here, and I’m happy to report a huge improvement in her manners! It was so rewarding watching Molly show her family what she had learned when they picked her up.

Lots of exercise and even more importantly, mental stimulation, will be very important going forward. Molly has a very dedicated and loving family, who is so committed to this cute little girlie! Congrats, Molly!

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