Using a Food Puzzle!

March 8, 2021

Cute little Pinot, the Golden Retriever puppy, went home from Puppy Boot Camp yesterday and was so happy to see her family!

During her time here we worked on separation anxiety, crate training, house training, basic obedience, and leash walking. She did great!

The last few Puppy Boot Camp puppies I’ve had here have been super fast eaters and I’ve been using food toys to slow down their eating and provide mental stimulation at the same time! Food puzzles or toys can be found at most local pet stores and have the advantage of not only stretching out your pup’s time spent eating (which is much better for their digestive system) but also keeps them entertained - bonus!

You can use your pup’s regular kibble in most of these toys and can even get creative and make food toys yourself with items around your home. You may want to get your dog used to the food toy by starting with a really tasty treat and gradually changing over to their regular kibble.

Have you used a food toy with your pup before? I would love to hear what you used and your experience with it! The top left corner of the picture below is a food puzzle I use here in Boot Camp that is a favorite!

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