What exactly is PUPPY BOOT CAMP you may ask?  

PUPPY BOOT CAMP is exclusively for puppies eight weeks to six months old that have just joined your family or are intending on joining your family soon.  In order for your new puppy to successfully integrate into your family it is important that they receive some basic training to ensure it is easier on both the puppy and you, his new family. 

How does it work?

Your new puppy comes to live on our farm, where for a short period of time it becomes part of our family and learns important new skills through positive reinforcement and lots of praise and love.  Designed to help the puppy learn to socialize in a respectful manner, with dogs, humans, and various other animals, they will also receive an amazing foundation in basic manners.

What will they learn?

Although little, your amazing new family member is super smart and ready to take on new

challenges.  While attending PUPPY BOOT CAMP your puppy will be crate trained, will

learn to sleep through the night and house training will be started.   Your puppy will also

learn not to jump up on you and will learn bite inhibition.   


We are able to customize your PUPPY BOOT CAMP to include important skills such as

leash walking, grooming, traveling, stroller training and basic obedience such as sit, down,

stay, leave it, and wait for their food. We also start working on recall to ensure your puppy

comes when called.

You will receive daily updates on how the training is coming along.

You and your puppy will have homework!

In order to ensure a smooth transition into your family home, you will be taught what your puppy has learned and you will need to reinforce the training and support them as they continue to grow.   On the day you pick up your happy little camper Michelle will go through the training and show you some tricks, rewards used, and handouts, which may be used for reference.